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READY TO REJUVENATE? Keep this or change?

Get set to train with Just Act’s Executive & Artistic Director Lisa Jo Epstein Ph.D, a seasoned T.O leader with more than 2 decades experience teaching Theatre of the Oppressed techniques, facilitating applied T.O workshops & residencies, as well as jokering public Forums.

Applied Theatre Of The Oppressed

This training will bring out your ability to overcome societal and self-imposed limits in order to better include and interact with others.


Just Act’s experiential Applied Theatre of the Oppressed programming generates thinking, dialogue and collaborative action, building personal and professional interpersonal skills to focus action, tackle obstacles, and animate social change.

We offer multiple ways to be involved including Customized Programs & Residencies for organizations and communities. 


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Just Act's Annual Forum Theatre Intensive, June 26- 30, 2019

Just Act’s Forum Theatre Intensive is geared towards individuals seeking to develop or deepen and strengthen facilitation skills and training in Forum Theatre and core TO
techniques to improve your ability to effectively engage JEDI concerns–justice, equity, diversity & inclusion–, and use interactive theatre as a tool for personal, interpersonal as well as community repair and change.

Our Forum Theatre Intensive culminates in a free public performance of the Forum Theatre pieces created by participants.

In our 5-day Forum Theatre Intensive, you will learn:

  • Foundational training in the theories and techniques of Forum Theatre & Theatre of the Oppressed
  • Practice the techniques within an anti-oppression framework developed exclusively by Just Act
    developed exclusively by Just Act
  • Experience spect-actor intervention in a free public performance of the Forum Theatre pieces created by participants
  • Engage in self and relational transformation that will support your efforts back at your home sites of changing collective patterns of action and thinking, as well as transforming structures.

We will guide you through the experiential learning process we utilize for noticing and investigating inner and outer work, with curiosity.

  • What happens in our bodies, feelings and thoughts when we do a TO activity.
  • How these aspects, as well as how we ‘read’ the non-verbal body language of others, inform the action choices we make.
  • The challenges to changing our patterns of behavior—ie the ways in which we mobilize social power–in our everyday social interactions, and thus unconsciously perpetuate inequitable systems of oppression.
  • What is the impact on our own bodies and minds of these habits, of this social conditioning that may in fact be sabotaging our social justice efforts.
  • How to access & utilize our radical imagination to flip the scripts & author new narratives.

Forum Theatre Workshop Details

DATES: June 26- 30, 2019
TIME: 9am-5pm
WHERE: Just Act Studio, 6139 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia PA
COST: $485  (limited financial aid based on need available. Email us to learn more)

$50 registration fee (non-refundable after May 26)
$485 Full amount
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Flip the Script: From Fear to Courage was everything I needed without even knowing it. As a theater person who does social justice work, I was thoroughly impressed with the activities we participated in. They were fun, engaging, and extremely thought provoking. There were moments in which I felt as though I was in a therapy session having a safe outlet to express all the mixed emotions that come along with having multiple identities. I would recommend the Just Act crew to all who are interested in social justice with a new creative spin. 

A. Malik Muhammad

Associate Director of the LGBT Center, University of Pennsylvania


 2 workshop options available to meet different needs!

If you have taken at least one Theatre of the Oppressed training with Just Act or the equivalent, and have some experience using TO and jokering public Forum Theatre events, then these 2 workshops are for you!!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT if you take both Joker Training 1 & 2!!! Scroll down for details.

Advanced Joker Training I:

Sequencing & Facilitating TO games-ercises. Sequencing & Facilitating TO games within an anti-oppression framework

  • Build skills for engaging JEDI issues through purposeful acts of facilitation
  • Utilize TO games to critically & creatively investigate how we mobilize power, and practice alternative ways of making change
  • Get coaching on cultivating presence in facilitation & embracing the complexity and insight into learned behaviors that perpetuate oppression which all TO games-ercises reveal

DATES: July 19-21, 9am-5pm             
WHERE: Just Act Studio, 6139 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia PA
COST: $285  (limited financial aid based on need available. Email us to learn more)

REGISTRATION OPTIONS for Advanced Joker Training 1: 
$50 registration fee (non-refundable after May 26)
$285 Full amount

Advanced Joker Training 2:

In-depth Forum Theatre Joker Training, from guiding a devising process for participants’ personal growth & development of Forum Theatre pieces, to facilitation practice & coaching

  • Expand & deepen your knowledge of devising Forum Theatre
  • Train in Just Act’s group process that responds to emergent needs around racism through an intersectional lens AND supports the creation of the Forum piece itself
  • Get facilitation practice & coaching on consciously jokering through a JEDI lens

DATES: August 2-4, 9am-5pm
WHERE: Just Act Studio, 6139 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia PA
COST: $285 (limited financial aid based on need available. Email us to learn more)

REGISTRATION OPTIONS for Advance Joker Training 2:
$50 registration fee (non-refundable after June 26)
$285 Full amount for either Joker Training 1 or 2

$520 SPECIAL DISCOUNT if you want to take both Joker Trainings

The Joker in Theatre of the Oppressed is an artist with pedagogic and political functions who helps people to understand themselves better, express their ideas and emotions, re-see themselves in relation to society, seek their own learning and alternative strategies for change

The Joker facilitates by asking questions and making connections. They don’t need to have the answers for their curiosity helps them formulate questions to draw out the ideas and self-knowledge of the group

Jokers see in the next frame, encouraging active participation and acting on their belief in everyone’s gifts and their ability to make change

Anti-oppression, diversity and dialogue facilitation experience truly help

Lisa Jo is a masterful maestra with an uncanny gift for tapping into our heart's inner hunger to educe something luminous, vast, and Divine! She can transform any place into a safe space for diverse groups of individuals to cast aside our inhibitions and trust her process. Lisa Jo’s passion is infectious and her keen ability to empathize with a broad spectrum of humanity allows her to effectively gauge the general emotional state of her players and improvise during any situation at any given moment to fulfill the needs of the group she’s working with. When you couple Lisa Jo's unique intuitive sense with her high-level expertise then you get a facilitator who is brilliant, piercing, and dynamic!

Workshop Participant: Dr. Kim Chestnut


I think the most powerful thing for me is this idea of revising, re-creating, rehearsing, deconstructing, etc. When things happen that are unjust, it’s a powerful to be able to see those things as fodder for re-imagination, for creativity, for generatively, for transformation…For me, I came away thinking of TO as a kind of social dreaming.

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