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Forum Theatre “Jam on Justice” Events created & produced by Just Act & community partners
“Make your Own” Community Forum Theatre Ensemble for community groups/organizations/schools

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Experience a new way to actively engage in difficult community dialogue

Real People. Real Struggles. Real Strategies for Equity.


Audience members at our Forum Theatre People’s Jam on Justice events have expressed an appreciation for the manner in which Just Act “targeted automatic responses” to systemic oppression and “challenged subtle (even subconscious) practices of intellectualizing issues such as racism, sexism and classism.”

They shared new or renewed awareness of how T.O could serve as a “vehicle to connect and exchange ideas and experiences,” to enable one to “feel the power of one’s voice,” to provoke thought and action with others within their social group membership and across difference


Forum theatre
“Jam on Justice” Events

The People’s Jam On Justice is Just Act’s unique Forum Theatre & Applied Social Arts Event with local community partners. Engage in a participatory and diverse event which will leave you empowered and inspired to create change.

Just Act Go Vote (2018-2019)

"Education on the Run" (2017)

"People's State of the Union" (2016)

"Election Selection" (2016)

"The Skin you're in" (2015)

Make your own forum theatre ensemble


I attended the Just Act State of the Union community gathering last week. It was an excellent representation of the diverse experiences and identities within our community. Lisa Jo Epstein and the Just Act(ors) organized the potential in the room in a way that made us all feel like the time we just spent together was not just well worth it, but worthy enough of passing forward to others. We all came in as strangers and left as friends who participated in a grand experience. From the casual introductions and the actors instruction to the group dialogue and ending cipher, the joyful energy and critical dynamism of a small village was constant. Refreshingly the steady contribution of ideas were just among the best of what could be found in our social marketplace. The experience just made you better prepared to return and continue your best work in other spaces as it reinforced how our actions matter and that we are not alone in the effort to make ourselves and our communities a better place to live.

Anthony Dandridge


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