Using theatre and arts-based tools for exploring human interaction, imagination and community possibility, Just Act customizes its programs to the needs and assets of communities, groups and organizations with whom we collaborate. 

This individualized focus supports programming so that participants may witness, debate, relate, reflect upon and re-see the realities within and around them, and create action steps to transform their community into equitable, thriving places for all.  

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With new awareness, knowledge and motivation to take action–personally and collectively– through concrete solutions they themselves create, our collaborators leave energized, refreshed and empowered to create real solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

“The performance, attended by other students, staff and guests, came off without a hitch.  Audience members participated as “spect-actors” and the cast received a standing ovation.  What was the outcome?  Participants were immensely proud of what they had accomplished and all wrote glowing evaluations and said they would do it again.  We registered many new young voters and almost all of the registered students actually went out and voted. 

–Ann Marie Doley, Educator, JEVS/E3

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